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Kino Koike

Photography Artist

Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido Japan
Master's degree of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University
Lived in Tokyo, Japan
Based in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hakodate

Kino Koike is focusing on the recording role of photographic media, and I create works that fix the history and memory of time and place into objects. Many of his projects are made with analog techniques such as gelatin silver, albumen print, and wet plate photography.

Solo Exhibitions
2003/11 Monochrome (Photo Gallery ississ / Kyoto)
2005/03 Moment (Photo Gallery ississ / Kyoto)
2019/02 A street and the atmosphere - Hong Kong - (Paper Pool / Tokyo)
2020/09 Damoy - Trans Siberian Railway (Roonee 247 Fine Arts / Tokyo)
2020/12 Damoy - Trans Siberian Railway (galleryMain / Kyoto)
2021/09 Damoy - Trans Siberian Railway (gallery0369 / Tsu-city, Mie-pref)
2022/02 Hama sa (Paper Pool / Tokyo)
2022.07 The street and atmosphere -Hong Kong (Kodoji, Shinjuku Tokyo)
2022.10 Hama sa (Roonee 247 fine arts, Tokyo)
2022.12 Hama sa (galleryMain, Kyoto)
2023.04 [KG+] Hama sa (Now & Then, Kyoto)
2023.04 [KG+ SELECT] Домой -Trans Siberian Railway (Kyoto Art Center)
2023.04 Hama sa (gallery classics, Hakodate Hokkaido)

2020 International B&W Photography Contest - Monochrome Award Honorable Mention (Landscapes, Professional)
2022 屋久島国際写真祭 Yakushima Photography Festival PHOTO AWARD Finalist
2023 京都国際写真祭 KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+ SELECT Finalist

小池貴之 (こいけきの)


立命館大学大学院 理工学研究科修了
東京都在住, 東京・京都・函館を拠点に制作・発表


2003/11 モノクローム (Photo Gallery ississ / 京都)
2005/03 現れた瞬間 (Photo Gallery ississ / 京都)
2019/02 街と体温 -香港- (Paper Pool / 東京)
2020/09 Домой-シベリア鉄道 (ルーニィ247ファインアーツ / 東京)
2020/12 Домой-シベリア鉄道 (ギャラリーメイン / 京都)
2021/09 Домой-シベリア鉄道 (ギャラリー0369 / 三重県津市)
2022/02 浜さ (Paper Pool / 東京)
2022.07 街と体温 -香港- (新宿ゴールデン街 こどじ 東京)
2022.10 浜さ  (Roonee 247 fine arts 東京)
2022.12 浜さ  (galleryMain 京都)
2023.04 KG+ 浜さ  (Now & Then 京都)
2023.04 KG+ SELECT Домой -シベリア鉄道 (京都芸術センター)
2023.04 浜さ  (gallery classics 北海道・函館)


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